Break out of Problematic into Programmatic

First-party Ad-Serving Technology Fully Hosted, Maintained and Delivered over the Cloud as-a-Service.

First-party programmatic systems provides the transparency, security that companies need to gain full control and drive their strategies forward.

Unlike shared ad platforms, a First-party system operates in the best interest and under the soul domain of its owner and is not beholden to the business demands or concerns of a third-party tech provider or any of its other clients. A first-party system puts advertisers and publishers in full control of their data and media trading strategies by giving them full ownership of product roadmap, features and behaviors and full transparency over all system activities and costs. the system is customized to their unique needs, data inputs, goals and requirements

  Solution for Advertisers, Publishers, Networks and anything in the Middle

The LiquidAdX Difference

1st-Party, Single Tenancy System

Your system infrastructure and data belong completely to you and you alone – not shared across 3rd parties or your competitors. You control the features, roadmap, business rules and integrations.

Best-in-Breed Technology

Unlike 3rd-party legacy systems, LiquidAdX was built from the ground up for the programmatic age.


100% Transparency

LiquidAdX provides server log-file level visibility into all trading activity, resource consumption fees, and development costs.

Technology-Focused Pricing 

LiquidAdX is a technology company, not a middleman or media company. We offer the technology as a service, we host, maintain and have a fully transparent pricing model based solely on the use of technology not the media  transacted through it. 

Core Components

A set of core technology components required to automate book, manage, buy, sell, trade and target digital advertisements at scale programmatically.

Programmatic Bidder

The Core Bidder is OpenRTB  compliant, handles millions of bid request per second, highly scalable, and approved by the largest exchange’s in rigorous three-phase testing.

Super Admin Dashboard (UI)

Super Admin Dashboard (UI) Gives complete administration and profit markup margin powers over both supply and demand along with aggregated reporting.

Ad Exchange

Ad Exchange A unified digital exchange middleware technology that facilitates automation,  aggregation and enables the buying and selling of digital ad’s, through real-time auctions.

OpenRTB Open Marketplace

OpenRTB open marketplace is a set protocol industry standard for the automated trading and communication between buyers and sellers of digital media over an open marketplace across a range of platforms, devices, and advertising solutions.

PMP Private Marketplace

(PMP) Private Marketplace: An invite-only marketplace where publishers can offer their ad inventory to a selective group of advertisers.

SSP Supply Side Platform

Supply-Side Platform (SSP) Sellers Side User Interface enables web publishers to manage their advertising space inventory via waterfall or header bidder options and reporting.

Server-Side Header Bidder

A Complete S2S or prebid.js Header Bidding solution is built directly into the sell/supply end of the system,  fully integrated with over 12 major exchanges and you can add more using OpenRTB protocol.

DSP Demand Side Platform

(DSP) Demand Side Platform Buyers Side Interface that allows managing multiple campaigns IO’s, Line Item, supply sources, white/ black lists, IAB Delivery Filter/targeting and reporting.

Dedicated Infrastructure

Dedicated infrastructure is run in a private cloud on hardware resources that’s dedicated to a single customer. Your Dedicated infrastructure is physically isolated at the host hardware level from other accounts.

Business has only two functions – Marketing and Innovation!

You’re Familiar with the famous LUMAscapes from LUMAPartners, right? Well, we will let you in on a little inside secret: 90% of these companies have one thing in common – they all run over similar infrastructure pipes. That’s because if you want to build an RTB, DSP, SSP, PMP, AdTech or MarTech ad trading solution, you have to start by building out the core infrastructure pipes before you can start developing the game-changing features, and this takes a lot of time, money and skill sets.

However, by leveraging LiquidAdX programmatic-as-a-service, you can now innovate your game-changing features over a set of prebuilt infrastructure – leaving you with a unique solution to get to market fast, and rapidly innovate as you look to maintain your competitive edge.

Our Mission

The advertising industry has come to realize the powers of programmatic advertising, and they’re hitting a tipping point this year with the majority of digital media being bought and sold programmatically. With this incredible strategic impact, this change is forcing on marketers, agencies, and publishers, nearly all are kept in the dark and transacting their buying and selling through highly margined 3rd party black-boxed intermediaries.  That’s sort of like hedge fund’s using retail trading platforms like Ameritrade to power they’re buying and selling strategies. 

Our mission is to empower sophisticated players with their own fully transparent programmatic  advertising technology systems, and that’s why we built the LiquidAdX solution.

 Not everyone needs their own programmatic  advertising technology. We developed a solution with the most sophisticated in mind, Whether you’re a high volume direct marketer, Big brand, digital publisher or savvy intermediary that can’t get what you want out of the common nontransparent 3rd party solutions. By leveraging LiquidAdX,  you can now gain full control, transparency and accountability over your programmatic technology value chain, DATA and ecosystems at a fraction of the costs associated with building out and maintaining a system from scratch. 


World Class Data Centers

The core of LiquidAdX is built on top of AWS Global cloud Infrastructure, giving you peace of mind, low latency, high reliability, secure and scalable data centers infrastructure and offers a choice between 42 availability zones within 17 geographic regions around the world to choose from to deploy your systems from.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions we get, we will be updating this list as time moves on if you have any specific questions unanswered below feel free to contact us.

What is LiquidAdX?

LiquidAdX is an enterprise level digital advertising technology stack built from the ground up for the programmatic-age.  The core of our stack includes OpenRTB Bidder, AdServer, AdExchange, Header Bidder, Private Marketplace, Demand/Buyers, Supply/Sellers, Administrator side USER INTERFACES,  all accessible over a simple to manage platform. Clients receive the full stack and can further customize the systems through a set of APIs.  

Who can benefit from LiquidAdX?

Any company that is currently or wants to get into buying, selling or trading digital advertisements programmatically, this includes but not limited to brands, agencies, trading desks, publishers, networks and enterprising companies in the middle.
The programmatic market is growing bigleague, don’t take our word, just do some research:
Having full control, transparency and accountability over your technology, value chain and ecosystems are the utmost importance when trading in this market, there are much too many ways for margins to be extracted by unnecessary middlemen. 

What makes LiquidAdX different from all the others?

Most of the other digital advertising technology offerings are designed as middleman technologies extracting their profits from your transactions and leaving you with little to no transparency of how the transactions were completed and very little control, insight and accountability over your ecosystems and counterparties. this leaves a huge door open for conflicts of interests and from what we believe is the #1 catalysts for all the issues that are wrong with adtech these days.
Our approach is a pure technology SaaS play. we host, maintain and manage the systems infrastructure for a fully transparent flat monthly fee and stay out of the conflict of interests middlemen model and give full control over choices of counterparts ( supply and demand sources) and value added service ( data, verification vendors etc ) you wish to incorporate into your stacks ecosystems.

Are you just a white Label?

No, LiquidAdX is a full blown programmatic ad serving system, giving you full control over administrations from building out your choice of inventory, and any other services you want in your ecosystem, your in charge of everything, you get all the advantages  of a developing your own technology without the costs, learning curves and time constraints associated when developing from scratch.
In contrast to a white label were your running on the same systems as  and have no powers nor transparency get a logo and maybe some changes in configurations
If something helps you run your business or if you are dependent on something for business.  Owning that part of the supply chain, drastically improves your situation.
— Better control
— No black box
— Tighter integration with your KPIs
— Intellectual property
— Data Security
the most concrete step you can take in this space today is to control the technology not white label it, because the white label provider is none-transparent, eating your margins and limiting you to services you provide.

What exchanges and Inventory do you connect to ?

None: although we can plug in most any of them we are strictly a technology provider and stay out of the inventory fees, you must start to build your own ecosystems and supply chains relationships.    
Start researching different exchanges, fraud verification, and data providers and chose the ones that work for your needs, we can plug in most any of them provided they have applicable API’s and protocols.   
Can you recommend? 
No, you should do your own due diligence and become more conscious of what choices and options there are out there so if you need to switch for poor performance you can. There’s also some very knowledgeable consultants out there, but again we do not make recommendations, we are strictly a technology provider, not middlemen. 


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