The LiquidAdX team has been working hard over the last year building an entirely new approach to offering Programmatic advertising technology infrastructure to sophisticated marketers:

The advertising industry has come to realize the powers of programmatic advertising and they’re hitting a tipping point this year with the majority of digital media being bought and sold programmatically. Yet, with the incredible strategic impact, this change is forcing on marketers, agencies, and publishers, nearly all buyers and sellers are still outsourcing to one-size-fits-all 3rd party DSPs / SSP’s . That’s sort of like hedge fund’s using retail platforms like Ameritrade to power they’re buying and selling strategies. Our goal is to empower sophisticated advertisers with their own customizable programmatic ad serving technology stack and that’s why we built the Programmatic-as-a-service solution.

Not everyone needs their own Programmatic advertising technology stack, LiquidAdX is developing their solution with the most sophisticated buyers in mind. Whether you’re a high volume direct marketer, Big brand CMO an ad network or intermediary with proprietary trading technology, or just a smart buyer that can’t get what you want out of a common DSP / SSP, having our solution lets you take control and gain full transparency of your programmatic marketing at a fraction of the cost associated with building and maintaining an in-house system.

Our solution enables either demand or supply sides to run their own programmatic ad-serving systems by leveraging our core technology infrastructure is, or custom builds their own proprietary solutions over our core infrastructure.

LiquidAdx core Ad-Serving infrastructure fully supports all current IAB and OpenRTB standards for both demand and supply side, private and OpenRTB exchanges. Server-to-Server, Waterfall, and header bidding, Native, in-app, display, video and image, easy-to-use UI, (options API, with flexibility to customize the solution for specific needs all managed and delivered over the cloud on a fully transparent monthly Subscription consumed resources based pricing.


 What can LiquidAdX be used for?

  • Startups and Enterprises: Leverage our technology to build out a specialty, niche or private marketplace, start a full service DSP service or trading desk

  • Brand Marketers: Leverage our technology to run over RTB and or Private marketplace PMP dealing direct with the network’s, exchanges and publishers

  • Publishers: Leverage our technology to run through OpenRtb, S2S, PMP, build out your own private exchange ecosystem and or networks dealing direct, self serve advertisers


By leveraging our technology you can do most anything within the 36.8 billion $ a year programmatic advertising industry. you will also have full control transparency and accountability because you’re building out your own ecosystems and dealing direct with counter parties. No more black boxed 3rd party, white labeled guessing games, you have full control and the power over the technology to build your own ecosystems that could easily save 30/60% of lost margins on the adtech tax and give you clear views into when and were fraud may be an issue.

If you’re a brand, trading desk, publisher or adtech startup spending over 50k a month through 3rd party technology vendors, you should reach out and learn more.

We are out of beta and please to say have 20 clients using our systems ( after beta testing ) and now open for new select clients. Leave your name and email If you are interested in leveraging our solution.

We promise to never spam you.