Core Components

A set of core technology components required to automate book, manage, buy, sell, trade and target digital advertisements at scale programmatically. 

The unified digital ad serving technology built from the ground up for the programmatic-age, that could be leveraged by supply, demand and or intermediaries right out of the box as a stand alone system, yet flexible enough to customize with API to fit any innovations one can dream up on top of.

Programmatic Bidder

The Core Bidder is OpenRTB 2.3 compliant, handles 30 million bid request per hour per instance and highly scalable, and approved by the largest exchange’s in rigorous three-phase testing.

Super Admin Dashboard (UI)

Super Admin Dashboard (UI) Gives complete administration and profit markup margin powers over both supply and demand along with aggregated reporting.

Ad Exchange

Ad Exchange A unified digital exchange middleware technology that facilitates automation,  aggregation and enables the buying and selling of digital ad’s, through real-time auctions.

OpenRTB Open Marketplace

OpenRTB open marketplace is a set protocol industry standard for the automated trading and communication between buyers and sellers of digital media over an open marketplace across a range of platforms, devices, and advertising solutions.

PMP Private Marketplace

(PMP) Private Marketplace: An invite-only marketplace where publishers can offer their ad inventory to a selective group of advertisers.

SSP Supply Side Platform (UI)

Supply-Side Platform (SSP) Sellers Side User Interface enables web publishers to manage their advertising space inventory via waterfall or header bidder options and reporting.

Server-Side Header Bidder

A Complete Server-Side Header Bidding solution is built directly into the sell/supply side UI  fully integrated with over 10 major bidder exchanges and you can add more using OpenRTB protocol.

DSP Demand Side Platform (UI)

(DSP) Demand Side Platform (UI) Buyers Side Interface that allows managing multiple campaigns IO’s, Line Item, supply sources, white/ black lists, IAB Delivery Filter/targeting and reporting.

Dedicated Infrastructure

Dedicated infrastructure is run in a private cloud on hardware resources that’s dedicated to a single customer. Your Dedicated infrastructure is physically isolated at the host hardware level from other accounts.