Our Mission

The advertising industry has come to realize the powers of programmatic advertising, and they’re hitting a tipping point this year with the majority of digital media being bought and sold programmatically. With this incredible strategic impact, this change is forcing on marketers, agencies, and publishers, nearly all are kept in the dark and transacting their buying and selling through highly margined 3rd party black-boxed intermediaries.  That’s sort of like hedge fund’s using retail trading platforms like Ameritrade to power they’re buying and selling strategies. 

Our mission is to empower sophisticated players with their own fully transparent programmatic  advertising technology systems, and that’s why we built the LiquidAdX solution.

 Not everyone needs their own programmatic  advertising technology. We developed a solution with the most sophisticated in mind, Whether you’re a high volume direct marketer, Big brand, digital publisher or savvy intermediary that can’t get what you want out of the common nontransparent 3rd party solutions. By leveraging LiquidAdX,  you can now gain full control, transparency and accountability over your programmatic technology value chain, DATA and ecosystems at a fraction of the costs associated with building out and maintaining a system from scratch.